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What Should I Wear to Court?

suits [uniform and uniformity]

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Remember the judge doesn’t know you. He/she is taking  cues from the way you look and what you say. You want to make the best first impression.

What to wear:

Women: well-fitting dark or khaki slacks or a skirt that hits the knees; Conservative pant or skirt suit; closed toed conservative shoes.

Men: well-fitting pant suit; khakis with a conservative button up shirt; nice shoes

More importantly what NOT to wear: 

Women: low-cut, tight, cleavage showing shirts; short or tight skirts, sequins, spaghetti strap shirts, jeans, clothing that reveals your underwear, flip-flops, sandals, shorts, anything you would wear to a club, anything you would wear to the beach.

Men: tank tops, shorts, shirts with profanity or logos, jeans, flip-flops, ball caps, anything you would wear to work in the yard.

Hygiene, Tattoos, & Piercings

  • Hair should be clean, groomed conservatively. No rollers or hairnets.
  • Wear very little if any perfume.
  • Do not come in smelling like cigarettes, marijuana, or alcohol.
  • Wear very little if any jewelry. Take out any piercings.
  • Cover up large tattoos that are showing.
  • Nails should be trimmed and any polish should be neutral.


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One thought on “What Should I Wear to Court?

  1. These are great suggestions for dressing at court. I would love to share these with my clients!

    Posted by Shawn Weber | November 29, 2011, 4:39 pm

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