Adoption: the law, the why, and the how.

Many people choose to adopt in North Carolina. Chapter 48 of the North Carolina General Statutes establishes North Carolina’s laws on adoption and was written to give a “clear judicial process for adoption, to promote the integrity and finality of adoptions, to encourage prompt, conclusive disposition of adoption proceedings”. In N.C. any adult may adopt another person.

People choose to adopt for all different reasons. Sometimes people adopt children within their extended families. Foster parents sometimes choose to adopt children they have fostered. Sometimes people who can’t have children adopt from parents placing their baby or child up for adoption. Adoption unites a child that needs a loving parent with a parent or parents to give that love.

Adoption takes place through the court system. The exact rules depend on how the adoption is taking place. Adoption affects your estate, inheritance for your other children, and is a complicated process. If you have questions about adopting a child or placing a child for adoption contact our office for further guidance.


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