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Child actors turned adult lawyers | Movie Talk – Yahoo! Movies

Child actors turned adult lawyers By Michael Krumboltz | Movie Talk – Sat, Jun 23, 2012 5:35 PM EDT Many assume that any former child actor who is no longer in the public eye must be a complete and total mess. That assumption may be depressingly accurate much of the time, but it doesn’t apply to Jeff … Continue reading

Is Sex to Blame for Cheating?

The Number One Reason People Cheat Is? (Hint: It is Not Sex) Many marriages end in divorce because one partner decides to step outside the marriage and cheat. You might think sexual attraction or the need to have more sex is the number one reason people cheat but according to a new survey the number one reason … Continue reading

Forget Deadbeat Dads – How About Deadbeat Moms?

When it comes to alimony and child support payments, it’s often the men who have gotten a bad reputation and have been referred to as “deadbeat Dads”. However it seems that the number of cases of women not paying their end of alimony and child support is beginning to rise. Many divorce attorneys are seeing … Continue reading

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