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Forget Deadbeat Dads – How About Deadbeat Moms?

When it comes to alimony and child support payments, it’s often the men who have gotten a bad reputation and have been referred to as “deadbeat Dads”. However it seems that the number of cases of women not paying their end of alimony and child support is beginning to rise.

Many divorce attorneys are seeing that approximately 25% of their child custody cases are comprised of deadbeat Moms nowadays—a figure that was only 15% just five years ago.

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What happens when deadbeat parents don’t pay their fair share of child support? The federal and state resources are then used to take care of the children. When a parent doesn’t pay child support, the situation becomes everybody’s problem.

Several private investigators have noticed that more and more Dads have been hiring them to search for deadbeat Moms. At first, the majority of these situations were economy driven. Women would go back to work, earn more money, and then refuse to pay child support. Nowadays, another situation has arisen where deadbeat Moms are simply losing interest in their children and are instead focusing on other things like establishing new businesses.

If you are a victim of a deadbeat Mom (or deadbeat Dad) you should consider having a consultation with an experienced North Carolina family lawyer.

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