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Is Sex to Blame for Cheating?

The Number One Reason People Cheat Is? (Hint: It is Not Sex)

Many marriages end in divorce because one partner decides to step outside the marriage and cheat. You might think sexual attraction or the need to have more sex is the number one reason people cheat but according to a new survey the number one reason people cheat is emotional dissatisfaction with their partner. The study which was conducted by yourtango.com surveyed 1,200 psychologist, marriage counselors, coaches and professionals who overwhelmingly said that sex isn’t the reason people stray.  While sexual dissatisfaction was the number 2 reason for stepping out on your spouse, surprisingly only 8% of men and women are seeking sex when they cheat. Those survey did feel that technology has enabled cheating but they didn’t blame Facebook or dating websites such as match.com for the adultery. The survey revealed that only 7% of counselors thought that Facebook had led to an increase in affairs.

The survey also suggested the top three ways to prevent an affair are:

    1. Make sure both you and your spouse feel valued by each other;
    2. Keep the lines of communication open between the two of you; and
    3. Have great sex.

Read more results at yourtango.com 

So, what do you think; did the professionals get it right?

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