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NC Divorce Guidebook

New NC Divorce Guidebook written by Angela McIlveen is available for purchase on Amazon.com! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1595718559 Want it for free? Just like us on Facebook and ask us and we will send you a free copy!

Court is Not Like the Television

McIlveen Family Law Firm assists clients in the process of transitioning from one chapter in their lives to the next. This transition for many is emotionally difficult.  So many people are drawn to the concept of “winning,” or righting a wrong.  Court is not like the television. Just because there is a judge does not … Continue reading

Why Most People Hate Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers are generally not well liked and sometimes for good reason. Here are the top five reasons why I think lawyers get a bad rap with the public. They think they are entitled to be late to appointments because their time is more important than everyone else’s time. They don’t call people back or … Continue reading

Is Childhood Obesity Child Abuse?

Apparently one county thinks so. In Cleveland, Ohio an 8-year-old boy in third grade was taken from his mother because he is obese. Social Services in Cleveland Heights say they have been working with the mother for over a year to try to help the 200lb child to lose weight. At more than 200 pounds, … Continue reading

What Should I Wear to Court?

Remember the judge doesn’t know you. He/she is taking  cues from the way you look and what you say. You want to make the best first impression. What to wear: Women: well-fitting dark or khaki slacks or a skirt that hits the knees; Conservative pant or skirt suit; closed toed conservative shoes. Men: well-fitting pant … Continue reading

Agree to Litigate in Private: Think Again the T.V. Can Find You

The North Carolina Court of Appeals in France v. France affirming a lower court ruling that had declined to close proceedings in a family law dispute.  The decision was significant in that the parties had sought to close proceedings on the basis of a confidentiality provision in a separation agreement.  In 2007 the parties separated. They … Continue reading

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