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How to Modify Child Custody

You entered into a child custody Order when you first separated or divorced, and at the time, things worked well.  However, things have changed and you now want to change an existing Court Order.  How is that done? To change an existing child custody Order, you need to file a “Motion to Modify Custody”.  In … Continue reading

What Judge is going to give me custody? I’m the dad.

Back in the June Cleaver era, it was generally assumed that the husband would go off to work while the wife stayed home, made dinner, raised the children, and greeted her husband at the door with a martini when he walked in at 5 PM. This, however, is no longer the norm with working mothers … Continue reading

The History of Child Custody

Today, many people are still under the presumption that when it comes to child custody, that the mother is usually preferred and thereby has the upper hand before the case even begins. This is simply NOT true. Thus, it is important to look at the historical changes involving child custody in order to gain an … Continue reading

Top 10 Benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a new alternative to the common approaches of Litigation and Mediation. It provides a friendlier and relaxed environment to foster negotiation, cooperation, and respect. Specific Benefits: 1. You can voice your opinions and feelings freely. You will know that your interests, needs, and concerns have been heard and will be taken into … Continue reading


Being a parent in the 21st century is difficult and challenging. We are overwhelmed as parents because we are in constant motion. Being a single parent consists of juggling family and work. The biggest challenge we face as a parent is that a child does not come with a hand book with the instructions of … Continue reading

5 Suggestions For Staying Calm During a Divorce Hearing

You have hired an attorney, maybe you have been to mediation, and now you are going to your first divorce hearing. It might be a hearing for temporary custody or temporary alimony or it could be that you have skipped the temporary hearings and you are going straight to trial on custody or support. Either way, I’m … Continue reading

Do Women Still Have an Advantage in NC Child Custody Cases?

I get asked this question all the time by men trying to figure out whether or not the judge is going to give their wife preferred treatment in a child custody trial and my answer is sometimes but not for the reason you think. The judges in our area are not pro mom at least … Continue reading

FREE Child Support Calculator

FREE Child Support Calculator

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International Kidnapping and the Hague Convention

While the Hague Convention can help to get a child returned it is only applicable when the country where the parent has fled with the child is a signed member to the convention. China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are not. Most Muslim countries on not members of the convention. While Mexico is a member of … Continue reading

It’s Always “What is in the Best Interest of the Child”

In a recent N.C. Court of Appeals decision the Court reminded us again that the standard is always “What is in the best interest of the child.” In Wolgin v. Wolgin the mother of the little girl thought she could make unilateral decisions without her ex husband’s input on moving the child to a different school. She … Continue reading

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