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Oops! My marriage was a mistake. . .

“Oops! My marriage was a mistake and I just want to have it annulled.” Truth is there are only a few instances where this is actually going to work out in favor of the annulment.

Some questions to ask yourself.
• Were either of you still married to someone else at the time of the marriage that you want annulled?
• Was there serious fraud connected with the marriage?
• Were you of legal age to get married?

What do you do now that you know that you likely can’t get an annulment? You will likely have to get a divorce.

If both parties agree then you can look at an uncontested divorce, which is pretty simple. You both agree that you don’t want to be married and both parties are pretty much in agreement with separation of property. This can be a flat fee and usually wrapped up in a few weeks.

Depending on the state that you live in you may have to be separated for at least a year before the courts will grant the divorce. Check with your lawyer for the details in your state.


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