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Alienation of affection not just a Carolina thing

As reported by Lawyers Weekly, “A Mississippi woman could not explain away 107 cell phone calls to a married man when she tried to set aside an $88,000 jury verdict against her in an alienation-of-affection lawsuit. Alienation of affection as a cause of action is a relic of the past in most states. Of the seven states that still recognize the tort, only in North Carolina and Mississippi do you see the victims of extramarital affairs pursuing such claims with any frequency. In 2009, Melissa Simmons discovered first-hand that Mississippi’s alienation-of-affection law still has some teeth when a Lowndes County Circuit Court jury awarded $88,000 in a lawsuit brought by Chrissy Strickland.”


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One thought on “Alienation of affection not just a Carolina thing

  1. I ‘m sick of AOA & here is a great reason it should be abolished!!
    I’m being sued for AOA for over a million dollars. When I met this man, I was mislead about his martial status & situation. I was used to provoke a wife so she would foucus on me for settlement.

    Posted by Jane | June 26, 2012, 3:18 pm

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