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We’re Separated So It’s OK to Date Again, Right?

Wrong! Just being separated does not mean that it’s a good idea legally or even emotionally for you to start dating again. At least in North Carolina, any sexual relations with a person who is not your spouse is adultery in the eyes of the law, regardless of the words in a separation agreement. It’s best to wait until your divorce is final before you start dating. Also remember that until you are divorced you are still married. In N.C. adultery is a crime. While I doubt you will be prosecuted for adultery it’s best to be on the safe side.

Also, if your case goes to court you don’t want to add ammunition to the other side. While your attorney will argue for your side you better believe the attorney on the other side can and will bring up any relationships you have. This new relationship can be used as evidence of similar conduct in an alimony trial. It can also be used against you in a custody trial. Be sure to talk with your attorney BEFORE you start dating some while you are separated.

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