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Getting Divorced? Check Your Facebook Page!

Facebook has become a divorce attorney’s dream. People post on facebook things that in the past an attorney could only have gotten by hiring a private investigator. It seems today that everyone is sharing their dirty laundry with their online friends. If you are getting a divorce or even thinking about getting a divorce take a hard look at your facebook page. Is there anything on there that you wouldn’t want your spouse, attorneys, or the judge to see?

If you have posts on your facebook page about going out drinking or who your are dating your spouse’s Gastonia NC divorce lawyers will swoop in and print them off. Those posts can be used as evidence against you in trial. Don’t forget about your friends pages either. Does Sally have a juicy photo of you out on the town posted for the world to see? If so I can find it. Also remember that Videos on YouTube, text messages, dating services, voice mail, cellphones, even Global Positioning System receivers and E-ZPass records can be gold mines of potentially damaging information.

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