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Study Shows Couples With Modern Attitudes on Sharing Housework Run a Higher Risk of Divorce

According to a recent Norwegian study conducted by Thomas Hansen and Britt Slagvord, the divorce rate is higher by 50% among couples that share housework duties equally compared to couples with the woman doing most of the household chores. The divorce rate is also higher when a husband does chores in the home, and the researchers found out that in general modern attitudes of many couples are a factor when getting a divorce.

The results of the study are surprising. It would make sense in modern society that both partners would prefer equal sharing of their domestic responsibilities, as women often contribute equally to the financial responsibility of the home. However, the study has shown that equal sharing of housework duties do not necessarily lead to satisfaction in a husband-and-wife relationship.

Instead, the results of the study showed that statistically when men helped out with chores, the marriage was more likely to lead into divorce. The researchers tried to explain it by saying that in modern relationships, it makes one partner feel like his/her household responsibilities are being taken over by the other spouse when house chores are not clearly defined. As a result, one spouse who receives help with chores would feel that the other spouse thinks his/her efforts are not good enough. The consequences of this negative feeling would be resentment, which would manifest in some other areas of the relationship.

There has long been gender equality in Norway, and raising children are commonly shared between both spouses. However, marriage can become unconsciously contractual when there are rigid and detailed assignments of duties. As such, the marriage becomes more of a business rather than the loving and evolving relationship that it should be.

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