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Alimony, Separation

Think Before You Sign

Are you and your spouse thinking about getting a divorce? Does it seem like you agree on most everything? Are you considering signing a separation agreement that either your spouse’s attorney prepared or a “do it yourself” agreement you got off the internet? Stop! Don’t sign it before you talk with an attorney. Most attorneys, like us, charge a low fee for consultations. Bring in the agreement and talk with us about it before you sign it. Did you know that even if you get back together your separation agreement might still be in effect or that if you waive alimony in a separation agreement you might not be able to get it even if your job situation changes? It’s extremely important that you talk with an attorney about your rights before you sign as it is very difficult to get out of a separation agreement after it is signed.

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The McIlveen Family Law Firm handles all types of divorce and family law cases.


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