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We’re Separated So It’s OK to Date Again, Right?

Wrong! Just being separated does not mean that it’s a good idea legally or even emotionally for you to start dating again. At least in North Carolina, any sexual relations with a person who is not your spouse is adultery in the eyes of the law, regardless of the words in a separation agreement. It’s … Continue reading

Think getting a divorce is going to make you happier?

Check out these statistics: Look at 100 Single (never married) women is and typically 2.4% of them are Depressed. 100 Married (never divorced) women have a Depression rate of 1.5%. 100 Women who have been Divorced once have a Depression rate of 4.1% 100 Women Divorced twice have a rate as high as 5.8%. Divorce … Continue reading

Homosexuality Not A Reason to Deny Child Custody

In┬áPulliam v. Smith, 348 N.C. 616, 501 S.E.2d 898 (1998), the North Carolina Supreme Court held that the homosexual parent is entitled to the same consideration as the heterosexual parent in decisions on custody and visitation. A parent’s homosexuality by itself should not be an issue unless it can be demonstrated that the child will … Continue reading

Judge Allows Skype Visitation in Child Custody Case

There once was a time when if you lived in another state you didn’t see your child except for the holidays and summer vacation. That is not the case anymore. With new technology like Skype parents are thinking creatively about how to be active parents even when they are miles away. In several recent court … Continue reading

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